Software Engineer, 5/90 - 4/92; 11/92 - 7/97

Market Vision was a provider of real-time market data to Wall Street companies, and is now a division of Bridge Information Systems.

At the time, most financial market data was available through page-based data terminal services such as Telerate or Reuters. My program that took that data and emulated the dedicated displays on X-11. Multiple displays, composite pages and hybrid formats were built-in. Developed on Solaris and OpenWindows, this program used Motif and OpenLook: it was available for any X workstation as well as Windows. When I left in 1992, this product represented the greatest unit sales for the company.

I left to do an ill-fated new-media project - when it collapsed, and they found out, they very nicely asked me to come back!

On my return, I wrote an option tracking calculator and a real-time spreadsheet interface, among other things. The company was moving to Windows development, so I wrote a real-time charting package for Windows using with Visual C++ and MFC.

Working in a team of three programmers, we were the first in our industry to deliver any comparable product as ActiveX components which could be displayed in the browser, beating the competition by almost a year. I then rewrote the central databroker, the router for the real-time market data, reducing the code from 110,000 lines to 33,000 lines, fixing many bugs, and providing a completely smooth transition from the old system to the new.