Software Engineer, 1/2004 - 7/2009

I worked for Google as a software engineer during one of the most exciting periods in their history: entering the company before their IPO, I joined their New York office when it was only a single floor overlooking Times Square.

During this incredibly crowded five year run, I worked on numerous large and small projects - their biller for micropayments, then "Daffie", an automated question-answering system, subsequently the first version of music search, then Google's real-estate search (which unfortunately was shut down a year after I left the firm), and finally on the Google Web Server GWS, the front end that generates the results pages for search, where I dealt with internationalizing and translation issues and the GWS experiment framework.

As part of engineering recruiting, I interviewed literally hundreds of engineers, traveling twice to Korea and once to Hungary to interview groups of programmers there.

Although I was hired as a Java programmer, it turned out that I spent most of the time working on C++ code - the Google C++ codebase is a great marvel - but I also managed to write tens of thousands of lines of Python for reporting, graphing and monitoring applications.